The Half-Way Point

by Sarah Milcetic on February 18th, 2010 in Web development1 Comment

I’m just about at the half way point with the project I’m working on now. I love this point. It’s just after all the major pieces have fallen into place, and it’s a great feeling to see the site come together from a flat image that is the design, to an interactive working site. Now comes the hard part though. Adding all the layers that get the site working. Such as the interface that lets the client edit all the information stored in the database; and implementing a new-ish feature for the first time (we’re potentially going to be using @font-face). Then, testing, testing and more testing. Oh the joys that are in store for me.

@font-face allows for the use of many fonts on the web, instead of the traditional model where the only fonts we could use were the ones installed on the viewer’s computer and therefor narrowed the list of usable fonts down to a handful that are the common denominator on all computers. Now, we are able to access a font file on the internet instead of the user’s computer. Of course, it’s not that simple though, because people work hard to design their fonts and don’t want them to be given away for free. So while we can’t use just any font, there are a lot more available.

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  1. cs5276 Says:

    new features in css 3, right?

    it’s amazing

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