So Long Internet Explorer 6

by Sarah Milcetic on February 2nd, 2010 in Web developmentNo Comments

It’s been a long run. Too long. Finally, finally, finally, the time has come to stop supporting IE6. I’ve read second and third hand about different sites phasing out their support of the old browser. Today I just received first hand an email from google about their domain apps areas no longer supporting IE6 starting March 1, 2010.

I have spent significant time and effort on many sites to get the them looking pretty in IE6. If major companies like google start encouraging people to upgrade and stop supporting old browsers, hopefully it will sink the number of people and companies that hang on to that software. While the domain apps area that I received the message about probably won’t effect as many people as sites like (which is apparently going the same way as it is owned by google), hopefully this will be the real beginning of the end as other sites drop off support. Makes me want to open up IE6 on Parallels and start surfing to see which other sites warn about the end!

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