Pitching a new process

by Sarah Milcetic on January 21st, 2010 in Web development1 Comment

Recently, I’ve been sub-contracting with a designer, basically completing the work that he has already negotiated with the client. Now I brought a client in and would like to try a new process based on the input and expertise of the designer I’ve been working with. The client knows the approach I took in the past but I hope to get them on board to improve the process and outcome with this new method. Basically, instead of starting with the price tag and then making a site fit within it, we start with a choice of three site concepts and then a design mockup based on the chosen concept. The budget can then be negotiated based on the desired outcome. I think starting with the price tag was a comfort to many of the clients I worked with in the past, because they are mostly small business owners with limited resources. They felt comfortable knowing up front how much money they would have to invest. It was also sometimes a real challenge for me, because I always want to give my clients the best possible outcome while still valuing my own time. This new process may be easier for a larger company with a big marketing budget, but I really hope to successfully implement it on this smaller scale. Any advice or thoughts?


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  1. Anurag Sharma Says:


    I am not sure if this might help but I posted an article somewhat related to your problem on my blog. http://www.anuragsharma.net/blog/how-to-charge-clients/. It might help you.

    All the best !!!

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