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Jakeyland Productions


Jake created a website himself in iWeb, but needed help getting it off of his computer and on to the internet. I set Jake up with his own domain and showed him how to connnect iWeb to his website so that whenever he makes a change or writes a new blog entry, all he has to do is click the upload button in iWeb and it will automactically publish the changes to his site.

Client Comments

Sarah was a great help to me. I spent a lot of time designing my own page. All I needed was someone to look it over, give helping tips, get the domain and get it hosted. She helped redesign a few things with a lot of ease. Then in less than a few hours my site was up and running. Its good to know I have a Web Consultant that is always there to help, answer my phone calls and e-mails when i need answers! As long as I have my own web page she is my web professional.