A Moment in Time

by Sarah Milcetic on May 3rd, 2010 in PhotographyNo Comments

This morning I submitted my photo to the NYT Lens Blog’s Moment in Time project. The goal was to get a simultaneous global portrait. I had planned to take a photo of my family beginning to prepare an early dinner, as part of the first get-together that will hopefully become a family tradition. Since the kids in my immediate family are all grown up, my mom asked if we could start getting together every three months, taking turns hosting at each of our homes.

That photo plan didn’t quite work out since we were spending our 36 hours in the DC area trying to fit too much in. We hurried home at 11 (the designated time) ready to round everyone into the kitchen, only to find my sister relaxing on the hammock in the backyard, avoiding kitchen duty! The warm sunny day, bright green grass and colorful stripes of the hammock instantly grabbed me, so I changed my plan and snapped this photo:

Avoiding Kitchen Duty


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